The mass UFO sighting of 1665: Hundreds of people witness massive UFO Battle

The mass UFO sighting of 1665: Hundreds of people witness massive UFO Battle

 Right: A 1680 engraving accompanying a description by Erasmus Francisci of a battle between ships in the sky said to take place in 1665. Background: Text and an image from “An Illustrated Description of the Miraculous Stralsund Air-wars and Ship-battles), 1665.

On the afternoon of April 8, 1665, several fishermen doing their jobs near Barhöfft, which at the time belonged to Sweden, now modern-day Germany reported the sighting of a Battle between ships in the heavens. Shortly after the battle had concluded, people witnessed a dark, disk-shaped object overflying the area where the battle had taken place.

“The Mass UFO sighting that took place in 1665 was seen by hundreds of people who saw flying ships in the sky. “After a while out of the sky came a flat round form, like a plate, looking like the big hat of a man… Its color was that of the darkening moon, and it hovered right over the Church of St. Nicolai. There it remained stationary until the evening. The fishermen, worried to death, didn’t want to look further at the spectacle and buried their faces in their hands. On the following days, they fell sick with trembling all over and pain in head and limbs. Many scholarly people thought a lot about that,” wrote Erasmus Francisci in “Der wunder-reiche Ueberzug unserer Nider-Welt/Oder Erd-umgebende” in 1689.

Scientific explanations for the mass sighting at Barhöfft? Chris Aubeck and Martin Shough wrote about the mass UFO sightings over Barhöfft in the June 2015 edition of EdgeScience magazine while looking at several explanations for the phenomena witnessed by hundreds of people in 1665. After their analysis, researchers were able to scientifically exclude several celestial phenomena like the angle of the sun, producing an ice halo. But they went further and excluded the possibility that people witnessed a Mirage or Fata Morgana since a mirage would not explain some of the objects seen by witnesses, like the plate- or hat-shaped object that was said to remain into the evening. Researchers also excluded the possibility that people had witnessed a flock of birds in the sky since a flock would not explain the dark object that remained hovering in the sky until night fall.
An unusually large flock of starlings may have resembled such a scene, Aubeck and Shough said. Flocks sometimes merge together in startlingly well-defined masses that move in patterns before settling down.
What do you think people saw in 1665? Is it possible that this is another well-documented UFO sightings that occurred hundreds of years ago? And is it possible that people in Barhöfft saw what people over Nuremberg witnessed in 1561? These two cases are certainly two of the best documented UFO sightings in the history of mankind. So far, researchers have not been able to ‘debunk’  these mass UFO sightings.

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