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Ανοπαία ατραπός

Cemetery vampires, Gliwice, Poland

14 Φεβρουαρίου 2015 23:39:00

Scientists and scholars Polish effects revealed the secret of “vampires graveyard” for more than five hundred years, and it includes the graves with headless skeletons.
In July of 2013, scientists open some ancient tombs that were found near the road in the city of Gliwice, in the “southern Poland”, and found that 17 of the 44 bodies buried in the cemetery were decapitated, and put them skulls between the legs, hands, or on a shoulders.
The way in which the bodies were placed ritual medieval later practiced in Eastern Europe, the introduction of the so-called vampires after implementation.

“We believe that the skeletons belong to the people who have been accused threatened me and probably executed by the sword Verdugo specialist,” Jacek Birzak, one of the discoverers, in an interview published by news portal Polish TVN24.

“It was different from most people: patients, Huntchaabakid, too high or too low, for example.” Innocent people as a scapegoat when the threats came like the plague, “he said.
It was believed that the “Immortals” should not be buried in a manner that can not be alive and return to the world of the living.
“It was a ritual to avoid the evil that is attributable to these people back to life,” says archaeologist.
According SERG, people were buried in this cemetery was ambiguous simply “different from others”, physical appearance was different, and that other people seemed to them and Ereli.
“These people were the victims of a natural human emotion: fear of the unknown,” he added discovered.

“Vampires cemetery” is the largest that has been found, which is in the far end of the fifteenth century. Although the causes of Gliwice residents to exercise this kind of burial is still a mystery

ΠΗΓΗ : Fatima Nour

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